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The Brand ‘’ THIRUMALA ASSOCIATES’’ has become the talk of the town in Madurai and its surroundings in recent years. Reality has not come overnight. The evolution dates back to 2007, the year in which THIRUMALA was born. Like any child, it had to face the initial hurdles to become a recognized builder in the real estate sector. To attain remarkable success, it had to toil like anything. Becoming a promoter is not that easy. Commendable construction experience paved the way to launch in the beginning projects with limited dwelling units.

The Staunch support of our technical, sales and marketing personnel made us launch bigger projects coupled with the trust extended even now by our loyal customers. Thereafter, there was no turning back. With the passing of every year, THIRUMALA has grown in width and length. From MADURAI, which is considered as the best place for settlement, it has extended its projects to other parts of the city. From a small project launch at the initial stage, it has recently launched 2 premium projects comprising 315 dwelling units each. The base was firmly set up with a principle ‘’ Never compromise on quality ‘’. This is the guiding factor for us for adopting ‘’ Total Quality Management (TQM)’’ in every aspect. THIRUMALA, to mention as its first move while studying the requirements of a customer, always steps in to the shoes of the customer and always thinks and views from their point of view before designing, developing and delivering any project. Our sole motto is ‘’ Every customer is our Master ‘’ and without their support, we know that we would not be in this field. THIRUMALA humbly admits that it had planned and executed more than 30 landmark projects and at this very moment we thank the 2500 + happy families, who had installed their unshakable confidence and unblemished trust on us. We also sincerely thank the group of repeat customers in several of our projects and they are our honorary ambassadors in bringing new customers to our fold. The amazing support given by our clients every time infuses fresh blood in THIRUMALA’S vein of thinking and technology in delivering more and more projects with super amenities and comfort. THIRUMALA does resolute to offer our esteemed clientele in the coming years with best properties of their choice. THIRUMALA salutes our clients for choosing us as their favorite promoter and partner. We are indebted to them always, as they are the one who made us to this level. We continue to March relentlessly towards fulfilling the dreams of our loyal customers and new aspirants for THIRUMALA’S villas and apartments.

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